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Day 8: Star Dust

I'm looking for a new title for the game. Got one, but need to research more to see if it's available: STAR DUST. I tried some fonts and I think I'll use the one called Ruslan Display.

Star Dust title

I polished the algorithm for alien explosions today. I'm also thinking how will the enemy waves look like. There would be 10 waves of enemies, and then a boss and after that the game would speed up a little bit and some new enemies would be introduced. At each tenth level (10,20,30...) there would be a new, unique boss. This algorithm would repeat until player dies. The speed would be capped at 2x starting speed as it seems to me that takes a lot of effort to play if you want to destroy all aliens.

And then, there will be powerups. Here are current ideas:

Time limited, collectible during the game:

  • shield (sits at bottom of the screen, protects against one alien going through)
  • score multiplier boost (x2)
  • rapid fire (just hold your finger down and move around)
  • mega bomb (destroy all aliens on screen)
  • hyperdrive (skip 10 waves of enemies, but gain points as if you destroyed them)
  • gallactic ninja (cut enemies with a jedi sword - fruit ninja style)
  • auto reload (auto reload lasers)
  • spread fire (fire 3 or 4 lasers at the same time)
  • extra life (start game with 4 lives)

Permanent, can be upgraded between plays:

  • rapid fire duration
  • shield duration
  • galactic ninja duration
  • auto reload duration
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