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Day 9: It's a shooter, and it has first person perspective. Yet, it is not a darn FPS.

Looks like I'll have a hard time classifying this game when I talk to people. I could say it's a "retro arcade". Although, it differs from retro arcades where you move your ship around and it fires bullets straight. Here your position is static, and gun fires wherever you tell it to. Come to think of it, I've never seen a game that plays exacly like this, so don't try to classify it in some existing genre. The closest I got was "it's like Space Invaders, but without a ship". This got people completely confused.

Today I reworked the alien spawning code. I also redraw all the aliens in white color, so that I can change color at runtime using the same sprite. In case you didn't notice, aliens are single-color. I'm thinking to leave it this way, except for bosses. Maybe just add some glow animation or something like that. Who knows, maybe some artist will see a potential this game has and create some cool graphics. Feel free to contact me about this.

I'm thinking there could be an event in the game when enemies would "upgrade" to better graphics. Accompanied with a message "Aliens have evolved", which would bring in some metallic look and feel, for example.

Explosion code is also unified, so now I just supply a 2D array of "pixels" and enemies get blown to pieces. This has been working for some time, but now I got that code clean and universally usable for any kind of alien. Except maybe bosses, which might fall apart in stages. I still need to ponder on that one.

Anyway, if you're interested in playing, here's an .apk file of what I've done so far. Features are obviously missing, but you can see what I'm up to.

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