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Day 4: A Twist

I have been trying to draw some docking bay graphics and it looks like s***. So, I'm ditching the "docking bay" idea. The combat will happen in space. Yep, that's it. Aliens would come from one side of the screen, and you would shoot them before they leave it on the other end. At the bottom there will be some destrucable stuff. Aliens could hide behind that, and maybe you can shoot it down or make holes in it by shooting. Here's an example with a tower, satellite dish and some other things:

Nebulas, stars, aliens, tower, satellite dish

The idea is that you have limited time (say, one minute) to shoot down as many aliens as you can.

Since the game will have a space theme, I'm browsing my font collection, to find some cool gallactic font. So far, ArdourGM looks like the one I'll use for in-game text like points, option screens, etc.

The graphics above are created using Gimp, and insipred by this nebula tutorial. After reading that and doing some my own tweaks I was able to draw the above picture in a couple of hours. I hate when I lose that much time on a single thing, but this background would be used for most of the game.

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