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Day 3: A new game idea

Looking around the net for ideas, and browsing Android forums, I found an ad for Revenge of the Titans. Cool game with retro graphics and nice animation. I can do retro graphics. So, instead of monsters, aliens would descent from space into your backyard... well...

No! Backyard does not seem like a good idea. I guess I'll need a new game name as well. I have two ideas here:

  1. Aliens attack a remote defensive station on the border. They disable the automated system, so you have to manually override the controls and shoot them. The game would be called MANUAL OVERRIDE or EMERGENCY OVERRIDE. I looked up on Google Play and Internet, it seems these names are free to be used.
  2. Aliens land on a docking bay of a large spaceship and you have to keep them away. They could hide behind some barrels, landed spacecraft, etc. I'd like to have some stuff in the game beside enemies that is destructible. The game would be called DOCKING BAY or DECK 42, or something like that.

Not very exciting titles? Oh, well.

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