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Day 5: libGDX and graphics ideas

I selected the library I'm going to use. It's Java, and it seems pretty complete. I managed to build and tweak a test application very quickly. I'm still confused whether to use Scenes, Actors, and all the other features or build the stuff myself as I'm used to. The docs are lacking examples and explanation how to tie in some stuff, I guess I'll have to google a lot. For example, there is no explanation how should you wire up the Actor and Sprite. And what if you have like 20 sprites with same graphics and stuff like that.

For this first project, I guess I'll learn just enough to manipulate Sprites and then build the rest myself using my previous experience. For some future project I'll probably be smarter and figure out which stuff did I build that was already there. I just hate learning so much up front and then figuring that framework/library is not flexible enough for some out-of-the-box ideas I might have in the future.

Here are some of my ideas for retro-graphic aliens. Most of the time I first draw stuff on paper. Maybe it's just a habit, but it helps me concentrate when I'm away from keyboard and monitor:

Retro graphic aliens drawing

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