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Son of a Witch Demon Hunter Update

This MEGA update is a free DLC-sized upgrade to the base Son of a Witch game. The update will be free for existing players, but the game price is likely to go up after this is released.

1. Heroes

  • new hero: Lich. Undead, uses health energy to cast spells instead of mana. Can heal with mana gaining items or pets.
  • Rogue Hero starts with pickpocket and speed buff effect
  • Rogue hero magic key costs 1 mana, and can unlock boss room doors from the outside

2. Levels:

  • new level Hell with new music, thrist effect and 26 new room layouts
  • special room: minotaur labyrinth, gives access to the Lich hero
  • special room: pentagram, needs donation of mana, health rune, gold and king scepter to enter hell
  • special room: forest in ice level where you play hide and seek with Amanda
  • special room: prison surgeon where you can donate health for gold
  • special room: knife avoiding twins challenge in the desert
  • special room: treasure challenge with multiple bushidos in the desert
  • special room: fishing with bow and arrows in hell
  • new object: Crystal Sphere - protects demonic enemies and blocks magic scrolls until destroyed
  • new object: Lava Pit - petrifies players standing over it when it spits lava
  • new object: Minotaur Statue - teleport to the start of the level
  • new object: Bag Statue - players can now transfer gold coins amongst each other
  • hell shops have new type of protection and require mana to buy items
  • new treasure room in the catacombs and the desert
  • required distance for the second jump in the Long Jump quest reduced to 80
  • in hard mode the evil princess has become the queen and has strong guard in the throne room

3. Bosses:

  • New boss: Demon Legion - big demons spawning unless you kill them all once
  • New boss: Matilda - a huge witch that creates traps for players
  • New boss. Ghost of Rhadamanthus - shoots many orbs and buffs his minions with random effects
  • New boss: Demon Lord - fight in active volcano arena with lava petrifying players
  • Ice dragon sometimes shows up on the battlements
  • Elephant boss knocks down units when walking across the screen

4. Enemies:

  • New: Imp - standard melee warrior, immune to fire and petrification
  • New: Familiar - infernal mage can block your mana usage
  • New: Fiend - quick with poisoned swordes and abilit to teleport behind your back
  • New: Succubuss - shoots orbs and cheers at players with a beer, reversing their controls
  • Newy: Efreet - flies around and spits very flammable fireballs
  • enemies in the old catacombs no longer have huge HP in hard mode
  • Bandits in the dungeon sometimes carry flaming swords

5. Weapons

  • new weapon: Spellbinder - shoot orbs and block enemy mana usage
  • new weapon: Magic Crossbow - shoots arrows and creates gold arrows using mana
  • new weapon: Blacksmith's Hammer - throw at enemies and smelt weapons into shields
  • new weapon: Overlord Staff - give random positive effects to self and allies
  • new weapon: Blade of Light - triple damage vs undead and demons
  • new weapon: Hypnosis Staff - turn non-boss enemies against each other
  • new weapon: Brutus Gladius - a sword with high backstab damage
  • Increased combo timer for the Barbarian Axe to 3 seconds
  • Increased base damage for Ice Bow to 50

6. Items

  • new item: Homing orbs - chance for magic orbs to auto-target enemies
  • mew item: Magic Ice Bottle - use mana to create ice arrows
  • new item: Four-leaf Clover - increased double damage chance
  • new item: Holy Grail - Speed UP, Health UP, Magic/melee/archery UP
  • new item: Faustian Ring - increase melee/magic/archery for 20 health
  • new item: Minotaur Figurine - teleport to avoid death
  • new item: Honey Jar - temporary speed up when you get hit
  • new item: Stone Cross - double damage vs demons and undead
  • new item: Hourglass - speed down, melee/archery/magic increase
  • new item: Chili Pepper - enemies burn when they hit you
  • new item: Wizard's Amulet - get 1 extra mana when entering new rooms
  • new item: Claw Hammer - get coins when barrels break
  • new item: Cooper's Ring - get mana when barrels break
  • new item: Phylira's Necklace - break barrels to get armor points
  • new item: wine - reduced thirst effect
  • new item: Lich Ring - full heal after boss fight
  • new item: Scales of Balance - increased damage when hungry, thristy or poisoned
  • new item: pair of heart-shaped earrings - double healing effects
  • reduced mana cost for Rogue's Magic Keyring to 1 so you can sneak around the levels freely
  • Silver coin teleport out of old catacombs is now allowed
  • Alchemist's Visor now protects from Santa's exploding presents as well

7. Potions

  • New potion: Blood is Magic - lose all HP, get 3 mana
  • New potion: Blood donor - turns current HP into gold
  • New potion: Ironclad - increased damage scaling with armor
  • Extravagance spends coins only when you enter new rooms
  • Pickpocket effect now gives coins on room entry
  • Bugfix: Dragonfire potion would remove arrow damage multiplying upgrades

8. Magic Scrolls

  • New scroll: Summon Demon - all enemies attack it at once
  • New scroll: Mark of the Beast - everyone loses 666 HP
  • New scroll: Hypnotize Minions - enemies attack each other
  • Added more units and bosses to Gamble scroll rotation.
  • Duplicating weapons now clones damage, range, arrow speed upgrades as well.

9. Pets:

  • New pet: Koala - a free item in every shop
  • New pet: Panda - fetches gold coins and food
  • New pet: Skunk - sets enemies on fire
  • New pet: Sabertooth Tiger - gives +1 shield after every battle
  • New pet: Squid - gives random positive effect after every battle
  • Whale pet gives you a Kindling upgrade once a campfire stops burning
  • Penguin pet no longer tries to attack enemies who have freeze immunity
  • Snake pet no longer attacks enemies who have poison immunity

10. Other new features:

  • new main menu graphics and music
  • 27 new achievements
  • You can now hold the drop button to drop the whole stack of items (arrows, keys, etc.)
  • tracking win/lose streak for regular game and hard mode.
  • allow entering any text as level generator seed (it gets converted into valid seed)
  • now you can drop gold to double it with a scroll, or heal via gold diet
  • Tar of Akhal picture shown in the final mom dialogue
  • show the exact speed increase over speed buff status icon
  • added option to reset all controllers to default settings
  • allow binding Stomp attack to a separate button
  • optional setting to shoot orbs using the regular attack button

11. Fixes:

  • Allowed using ranged weapons for the Goliath achievement
  • fixed Paladin to do double damage to undead with ranged weapons as well
  • fixed a bug where ranged enemies would try to hit the Turtle pet endlessly
  • fixed a bug when some monsters would get stuck attacking Turtle pet forever
  • fixed a bug where the dialogue would pop up without key/button to continue the talk.
  • fixed a bug where Undead Archer was unable to animate other undead sometimes
  • fixed a bug with raised undead Archers always shooting arrows to the left
  • prevent players getting stuck when hedgehog pet blocks the rolling spiked balls
  • Vampire Slayer NPC now says Thank you when her quest is done
  • achievement animations keeps working if you go from game into the main menu
  • prevent raising petrified undead
  • remove Confusion and Peace effect when undead unit dies
  • added sound effect when some action fails (no money to buy stuff, etc.)
  • imprved camera controls and thus enabled Baseball Quest for players with screens below 1680x900 pixels
  • imprved camera controls and thus enabled Hornet Quest for players with 720p screens
  • Message text for some actions would be hidden behind player status effects. Moved them above when status effects icon is visible.
  • added statue players can use to teleport if they get stuck with dead player in co-op (gold shop, alchemist quest, treasure rooms, etc.)
  • The final portal now shows that hell level is beyond instead of ice level
  • allow re-binding strong and special attack to the same button
  • fixed problem with minimizing game window on macOS in fullscreen mode

Steam version (PC,Mac,Linux) specific changes:

  • added Steam leaderboard for the Endless arena
  • you can now see the daily challenge rankings for friends only
  • when some actions failed for a network guest, the reason would show on network host screen instead
  • fixed netcode bug where some actions would fail without any notice text
  • just minimize instead of closing the game when opening game's Steam page
  • prevent mouse clicks when way outside of menu items in the main menu
  • press F1 twice to see the progress for achievement counters

Nintendo Switch specific changes:

  • added Daily Challenge for Nintendo Switch port
  • enabled CHALLENGER achievement for Switch.
  • greately reduced number of undead in endless arena in Switch port for performance reasons

Have fun playing!

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