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How scoring works in Son of a Witch daily challenge

One of the reasons to come back to Son of a Witch every day, is the daily challenge. All players worldwide get the same dungeon layout with the same enemies. Only the weapon/item drops depend on the hero class.

One of the achievements is to win 100000 points in the daily challenge, so I decided to write a short guide how the points are given:

Enter hell 10000
Complete a level and enter the next one 5000
Enter a new room 300
Use a scroll 200
Adopt a pet 100
Collect coins (incl. when you eat them) 5
Earn gold any other way (Magic Chest, etc.)             base amount of gold (not increased by avarice)
Drink a potion 50
Activate a bomb 50
Using keys to unlock chests and doors 50
Fox pet unlocking chests 50

If more players are playing in a co-op game, only points collected by the first play count. So make sure you let this player collect all the gold, use the bombs and keys, etc. Others are just there to make the fight easier, not steal the points.

By the way, I decided to include the daily challenge in Switch version as well. Since it doesn't have online competition, the rankings will show your best runs with corresponding dates instead.

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