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Generator Puzzle - Seeders Puzzle Reboot

There's a generator that powers all the teleports on level 5. Seeder robots are using the teleports to invade other planets.

To stop them, you need to shut down the generator. It's done by rotating the symbols on the dial until they go from 0 to 11 clockwise. Seeders are using a 4-digit number system:

So, the final position on the dial should look like this:

Puzzle mechanics:

The trick to this puzzle is to use the middle section to set up the pieces on the opposite sides and then slide them into their position. Here's an example how to set pieces 0 and 6 (i.e. and ) together.

Once two pieces are in place, set up the next pair (1 and 7) and slide them into their position (next slot clockwise). Repeat until the last pair to complete the puzzle.

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