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MMiaW: Blood is optional

Based on some player feedback, blood effects are optional now:

The possible settings are:

  • No blood at all
  • Only stains on the ground
  • Only flying particles when some enemy or player is hit
  • Full blood effects (both stains and particles)

Having stains makes the levels look nicer, especially the boss rooms. However it's permanent, so I think some players might want to turn it off. The splash when you hit an enemy is temporary, but I understand it could be over the top for some players, so I made that optional as well.

It took some testing to get netcode working right, because blood effects use RNG to set up and it would mean that the same seed now generates different levels based on the blood setting. I fixed blood to use a separate RNG and not mess with level generator.

Only 10 more days until Steam release...

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