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MMiaW: Almost there

I spent the last two weeks preparing for the Steam Early Access release. There were some bugs in the netcode, mostly edge cases that happen once in 100 games. I did A LOT of play testing, and got some really fun runs, like this one with a bunch of pet animals and melee skill buffed to 250%. Unbeatable.

I balanced some weapons and enemies, and added some play statistics. Some of the tough rooms no longer show on the first few runs. Beside that, there are some potions and scrolls that also unlock after a couple of games. The game is roguelike, but I don't want the players to be hammered by too challenging world on their first play. After you play 20+ games, you'll get the full sets of enemies, scrolls, potions, room layouts, etc.

The game's coming out on November 10th as planned. Get ready for Thursday...

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