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MMiaW: Potion shop

Sometimes a special kind of room will be created in the maze: a potion shop, pet shop or a quest room. More on quest rooms later, but here's the potion room:

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MMiaW: Voodoo Magic

If you snatch a voodoo doll from the Goblin Shaman, you can use it yourself once per area. You first bind it to a target and then drop it. Any damage dealt to the doll is channeled to the target. For example, if you stomp the doll, the target takes damage and falls on the ground. If you hit it with a sword, the target gets stunned and takes damage. If you hit it with a poisoned sword, the target gets poisoned. If you toss the doll into a fire, the target starts to burn:

It took me some time to make this work properly for all the effects, but it's a really cool mechanics now. If you get bound to the doll, wait for Shaman to throw it down and then quickly pick it up and activate it to remove the binding from yourself and bind it to some enemy.

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MMiaW: Hammers and freezing effect

Hammers are often an interesting combination of melee and magic weapon. The standard attack is a melee attack, but special attacks can be varied:

The freeze graphics is generated dynamically at run-time. Because of this the enemies really instantly freeze in place.

And here's the ice hammer:

Ice Hammer's special attack is freezing all enemies on the screen at once.

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MMiaW: The story

I have some cut-scenes planned for the final game, but currently a couple of placeholder images will do the job of showing the game plot:

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MMiaW: The first screen

The first game screen features 5 different NPC characters that teach you the basic game mechanics:

Some dialogs show up only if you have an appropriate type of weapon. You can hit anyone. Some of the NPCs will bare it until they die, while others might run away. At first I wanted to make everyone change their dialog when you hit them, but this is a tutorial screen and you might hit someone accidentally and miss an important part of the dialog that way.

The archery is not covered. The idea is that bows are locked down and don't drop until you unlock the Archer. Once you rescue the Archer, he explains how bows and arrows are used.

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MMiaW: Archery

There are three main skills in the game: Melee, Magic and Archery. Finally, all animations for the mage character are now complete:

There will be a great assortment of bows and arrows available with different damage and special effects like fire, poison, freezing, petrifying, slowing, etc.

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MMiaW: Bushido

If you attack a shop keeper, you can snatch any item for free. However, he has a bodyguard:

There are various ways you can defeat him though, but it's often very risky:

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MMiaW: Goblin Bomber

Here's the first purely ranged enemy. He still gives you enough time to escape the bombs:

He sometimes hits other goblins, so you can use that to your advantage:

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MMiaW: Meteor shower

The goblin shaman's main weapon is the Meteor Staff. I'm testing how the meteors work:

Looks like I forgot to limit the meteor count ;)

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