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MMiaW: Teleport

So many ways to escape when things go south: blast a door with a bomb, use a scroll to open doors, use a key if some of the doors is locked... but now there's one more. A magic scroll that teleports you to a random location somewhere else in the forest:

It never teleports you into a boss fight, but anything else is possible.

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MMiaW: Bombs

Bombs have three different purposes in the game: 1. blast the rocks to find some items hidden underneath and to open some blocked passages. 2. blast doors to escape tough battles or locked doors when you don't have a key. 3. blast your enemies. This 3rd use is hard to do because the enemies are constantly on the move, but it's great for bosses because most of them will be stunned for a couple of seconds if the bomb hits them.

Yeah, those exploding barrels are really in the game, but they have a special role. It's secret you will have to discover while playing.

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MMiaW: Where there's smoke, there's (camp)fire

Campfires are the first hazard in the game. If you step on it, you are set on fire for a couple of seconds, which is enough to deplete 80% of fully healed hero. At least, until you buff your hit points. The fire does not kill you ever, but it can lower your HP to just one point and then a single enemy hit will bring you down.

Enemies try to stay away from it, but with some skill you might be able to push them into fire by a well placed sweeping attack.

P.S. unlike this .gif, the animation doesn't skip frames in the real game ;)

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MMiaW: Green Flame

Yes, I like Acquisitions Incorporated ;)

Here's a cool combo. If you get both the Snake Staff (poison) and the Fireball Staff (fire), you can buff the Fireball Staff with poison to shoot poisonous fireballs:

Enemies that get hit will be set on fire and poisoned at the same time. Somehow the burning animation is missing here, I need to fix that.

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MMiaW: Pyromancies

It's time to play with fire. One of the playable characters will be a fire mage, so I decided to play with various fire effects. Wands can shoot fireballs which explode and enemies can players can be set on fire and lose a lot of health while burning:

Here's some animated action. The mage is still using the Snake Staff to fire fireballs, but there will be a special Fire Staff in the final game:

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MMiaW: More levels

I got so many new elements, I guess it's time to build some variety of levels. Currently there are 15 different level layouts for the forest, but I plan to have at least 60 for the first alpha version:

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MMiaW: Shop

There will be shops on each level, where you can buy various items like potions, bombs, scrolls, weapons, etc.

I plan to have a special potion shop that only sells potions and a pet shop that sells... well, pets.

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MMiaW: Catapult

The first level ends when you catapult yourself into the King's Castle:

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MMiaW: Sneaking behind Ogre Mom

If you try to pass behind her back, you might get smacked in the back:

I'm also planning an arena for the boss fight. There will be a small building for goblin warriors to come out and help the Ogre and there's a catapult that you can use when the battle is over

The boss room will have a distinct door which cannot be blasted with bombs:

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