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The version for MacOSX is available for download.

It features cross-platform compatibility, so you can play online multiplayer games with your friends on Windows.

Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2016-12-05

MMiaW: Archer's ready

The Archer character is in the game. He shows up randomly in the forest as an NPC and gives you a quest. Once you complete the quest, he will be unlocked and you can select him.

The game is on Steam:

Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2016-11-27

MMiaW: Almost there

I spent the last two weeks preparing for the Steam Early Access release. There were some bugs in the netcode, mostly edge cases that happen once in 100 games. I did A LOT of play testing, and got some really fun runs, like this one with a bunch of pet animals and melee skill buffed to 250%. Unbeatable.

I balanced some weapons and enemies, and added some play statistics. Some of the though rooms no longer show on the first few runs. Beside that, there are some potions and scrolls that also unlock after a couple of games. The game is roguelike, but I don't want the players to be hammered by too challenging world on their first play. After you play 20+ games, you'll get the full sets of enemies, scrolls, potions, room layouts, etc.

The game's coming out on November 10th as planned. Get ready for Thursday...

Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2016-11-05

MMiaW: Blood is optional

Based on some player feedback, blood effects are optional now:

The possible settings are:

  • No blood at all
  • Only stains on the ground
  • Only flying particles when some enemy or player is hit
  • Full blood effects (both stains and particles)

Having stains makes the levels look nicer, especially the boss rooms. However it's permanent, so I think some players might want to turn it off. The splash when you hit an enemy is temporary, but I understand it could be over the top for some players, so I made that optional as well.

It took some testing to get netcode working right, because blood effects use RNG to set up and it would mean that the same seed now generates different levels based on the blood setting. I fixed blood to use a separate RNG and not mess with level generator.

Only 10 more days until Steam release...

Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2016-10-31

MMiaW: Enemy health bars

I have been quiet with adding new features to the game as I was preparing for the Steam release. Many bugs were fixed, netcode works properly again, and I made some changes to enable full controller support. That's right, now you can lean back and play it all with a controller, even stuff like entering player names and password codes for online multiplayer.

The Glacier has been nerfed a little bit - the special Freeze All Enemies power is now magic based instead of rage based. It needs 2 mana bars to activate. It's still very powerful, but not game breaking anymore.

I also added health bars to enemies:

I was a little bit conflicted about this change. Neither Castle Crashers nor The Binding of Isaac have those. But Rampage Knights has, and the combat feels better. You would rarely look at the health bar for enemy, but sometimes it gets important, esp. when you're dealing with bigger crowds - it makes it easier to pick those you can one-shot and remove from the battle. I understand some players might not like it, so it's optional. You can turn it off in the Graphics settings.

Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2016-10-20

MMiaW: Celestial Smasher

Here's a run showing first two levels. The game is procedurally generated on every new play, so you get to use different weapons. The video shows what you can do with the Celestial Smasher hammer.

The game's Steam page is up:

Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2016-10-09

MMiaW: Greenlit

My Mom is a Witch has passed the Steam Greenlight process. Expect to find the game in Early Access soon.

Why Early Access? Well, the game is far from my full vision. We have all the character graphics, but we still need a lot of backgrounds, props and animations. I want to get the game into player hands, so we can get some cool ideas on mechanics for future monsters and items. There are about 50 different items and weapons in the game currently, but I want the final release to have over 100. I already have a lot of ideas in my notepad, and I want to refine that with player feedback.

The plan is to go into Early Access by the end of the year. I will release updates with new features every two months until we reach version 1.0 which will contain: 7 playable heroes, 44 enemies, 20 bosses, 100 items/weapons and 7 different areas.

Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2016-10-05

MMiaW: EGX 2016

I just got back from Birmingham UK where I demoed My Mom is a Witch on EGX. I had a double stand setup with two computers running the game. Four players could play on the left one, and two on the right one. The laptop in the middle just looped through the trailers all the time.

EGX is awesome for playtesting. The game logged the play stats in the background: 1682 player-sessions were played. We shared about 800 flyers to people who played the game, so everyone played about two games on average. Having two computers and multiplayer allowed a lot of people to try it. The event ran for four days, Saturday being the most crowded:

EGX was open a hour longer during the weekend days, but that additional hour didn't bring in many players. Here's the breakdown by the hour:

There were different categories of passes. From 10am to 11am only members of the press and players with super pass would come in, but they were mostly interested in AAA games, so it was rather quiet on all indie stands during that time. At 2pm there would be a huge influx of new visitors who had the afternoon pass, and when they browsed around and determined which games they want to play the interest for My Mom is a Witch would peak around 3pm.

Playing sessions

My Mom is a Witch can be hard for beginners, so the average playing session took only 3 minutes and 21 seconds. Most of the players started a new game if they died quickly. Here's the breakdown of the sessions:

Action rougelikes are great for event like this because of the short lenght of a single game. Since play sessions are short many people can try the game. Contrast this to an RPG that might take 30-40 minutes to try out and get to the core. In total, we had about 49 hours of playing time spread across two computers and four days, making it an average of six hours of play time per computer per day.

I also tracked how far into the game would the players progress:

90% of the play sessions were long enough to experience the game properly. Almost half of games went deep enough to discover some of the cool content like the item/potion/pet shop, treasure room or the boss fight. Since most of the players played twice it means that everyone has seen at least something. Of course, the game is roguelike and you only get to try a subset of weapons, items and mechanics on each playthrough.

One of the goals for EGX was to get My Mom is a Witch through Greenlight. It was a failure in that regard.

For the first three days, we only got nine Greenlight votes. Saturday evening I did some major changes to the game. I added a revival timer for multiplayer games, which made the game more fun. Also, I changed some of the controls to make it more intuitive to the players. This resulted in many happy faces and we got 30 votes that day. Still, going all the way to Birmingham to get 40 greenlight votes (or even 120 if we had a better build ready from the start) isn't really a good deal.

TL;DR: Greenlight marketing has to be done some other way.

Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2016-09-29

MMiaW: The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon is one of the toughest bosses in the game. He can spit fire and smash the heroes from above.

For this fight I had a really cool combination of buffs: Appetite +2 and Gold Diet +2 which restored 11 HP for each gold coin I ate. My co-op partner died while beating up more than half of dragon's HP. Funny enough, the final two blows were dealt my a Bat, one of our pets.

Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2016-09-10

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