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MMiaW: New magic weapons and the king

After you beat the Executioner, you proceed to the throne. The king greets you and explains that your witch mother wasn't really kidnapped. The king called for her because he has a major problem in the catacombs: Someone or something is raising the dead, and she's the only one who can stop it.

You can choose to peacefully enter the dungeon and find your way to the catacombs. Or you can attack the king. If you defeat him and his guards, you can take the Royal Scepter, which enables you do summon castle guards to aid you.

Beside the scepter, a bunch of new weapons are added to the game: the Shepherd Staff turns enemies into sheep, the Turret Staff creates standalone copy of the staff that autonomously shoots at the enemies and the Earthquake Staff knocks down all the enemies and destroys some rocks. The stronger your Magic skill, the more rocks will be broken. For combat, Earthquake Staff is a melee weapon - you can strike or knock down enemies, similar to Warbreaker Hammer. The Earthquake Staff is currently the only weapon that scales both with magic and melee skill. This means that you can upgrade it with both Warlock and Blacksmith runestones.

Beside all this, two new room types have been added. First one is the Scroll shop, which sometimes shows up as an alternative to the Potion Shop. The shop offers all four types of scrolls for that run at a low price, and you can buy an identify scroll for only 10 gold coins. The second one is a special room in the castle where the Ogre Mama is fighting the castle guards. It can only show up if the Ogre Mama boss is absent from the forest.

Additionally, the Fireball Staff now adds 1-battle fire immunity to the casted who activates the fireball buff.

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MMiaW: The Earth Golem

A new boss is added to the forest area. He starts showing up after you defeat the Ogre Mama, or you play 20+ games. As you would expect from a golem, he is immune to poison. This one being an Earth Golem makes him also immune to meteors and petrifying. Now, this might seem tough, but he's still a first level boss, so once you learn his attacks it shouldn't be much harder to beat him.

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MMiaW: Themed areas

There are now three special areas in the game, which randomly show up on the first level.

The first one is the Troll Bridge. There's a tight bridge in the middle of the screen and you can either pay the toll to pass, or fight the troll. The troll is pretty fast and strong. You can use the bombs to get rid of him quickly, or attack him to get him to chase you away from the bridge and then cross the bridge and use a bomb to blast the door on the other side. If you have a really powerful weapon, rage attack ready or meteor staff with a voodoo doll, you should try to defeat him as he drops a lot of gold.

The second area is the Garden. The farmer has a pest problem. The critters are coming out of the bushes and eating the flowers. If you manage to stomp on them, you can get weapon upgrades because each one drops a runestone. The are fast and never attack you. Because of this, they aren't considered the enemies, so you cannot use magic to freeze them or do something similar.

The third area is the hunting ground. Well, not really hunting, but more like taming the beasts. Depending on the number of players playing there's one or more wild boars walking around. You have to chase them down, or hurt them from the distance to tame them. Once tamed, you can mount and ride them which gives you +2 speed.

While you are riding, all the damage taken is split between you and the animal. The boars eat all the food, which heals them. If you get the Hunger curse, you can remove it with the Dragonfire Potion, drink a Beer, eat a Mushroom, or find a way to get off the boar. For example, if a Goblin Shaman drops a meteor on your or someone stomps a Voodoo Doll you're marked with.

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MMiaW: New weapons, difficulty scaling, better UI

I decided to avoid having Easy/Normal/Hard option. However, to make the game easier for people just starting out, I decided to give players some powerful boosts until they manage to beat the bosses. The starting boosts are Books your Witch mother left for you.

At first, you get a Book of Life that gives you 100 extra HP. You keep getting this book until you defeat the Ogre Mom. This helps with the fact that the player is still learning the ropes and the goblins do a lot of damage.

After you beat the Ogre, the subsequent runs give you the Book of Ice which freezes enemies for 3 seconds every time you enter a new room. This helps from dying too quickly against the guards. You gain a couple of seconds to survey the room and position yourself.

After you beat the Dragon, you start getting the Book of Fire, which sets all enemies on fire as you enter.

After you beat the Executioner, you start getting a random item. Those items aren't as powerful as Mom's books, but still provide some help.

The idea is that once you reach Mom in the Dungeon, you will unlock her (you can play as her) and then you won't be getting items anymore.

A bunch of new weapons and items have been added to the game recently. I'm still tweaking those, for example The Rouge Sword allows you to conceal yourself, sneak behind an enemy and attack with massive damage. The current version on Steam only has the sneaking part, but I'm going to release a new version (1.6.0.) in a couple of days that has the surprise attack bonus damage.

Beside those weapons, I added six new items and two new potion effects to the game. Some of the items are upgrades to Archery skill, while the rest are more general and can be used by any class.

The new version will also have UI improvements. Most notably, the numbers next to icons will contain some useful info like plus, minus or percentage sign depending on the nature of the depicted effect.

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MMiaW: PvP arena and new bows

A new version will be released on January 20th most probably with player vs player mode for 2-4 players. There will be about 15 different arenas - just like regular forest, battlements, castle levels, but without enemies. Items and weapons drop randomly on the ground or pedestals while the players are fighting each other until only one is left alive.

To make it more interesting, a Bushido will spawn at a pre-set sudden death time, and chase the players around. Players can just battle it out with the starting HP they've got, or you can set up multiple lives for everyone if you prefer the rounds to be longer.

You will be able to select one of the unlocked heroes or a Goblin Berserker (the one with the axe).

This update will also bring in a bunch of new bow weapons with different effects:

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MMiaW: Chapter 3 is live

This update brings the castle level, with new graphics and music theme. The goblins and guards are fighting each other while you are trying to reach the dungeon.


- a new boss
- Big Orc enemy
- the Royal Sorcerer enemy
- 4 new pets with new effects
- 3 new weapons
- 15 new items
- lightning based damage
- fire and lightning damage can be upgraded with the new items
- duration of freezing for ice based weapons can be upgraded
- pendants for ice, poison, fire, petrify immunity
- overdose random potion replaced with beer
- orbs can now be upgraded to bounce off the walls
- various reusable items: Magic Map, Magic Chest, Bottomless Bag of Bombs, etc.
- balancing of different weapons, spells, potions, prices
- fixes to enemy AI
- cut scene between chapter 2 and 3 can be interrupted
- other minor tweaks and improvements

Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2017-01-05

MMiaW: Thunderstriker

A new sword is added to the game:

It's called Thunderstriker currently. If you have an idea for a better name, please tell me.

It has regular swing and overhead strike attacks and the special rage attack is to shoot a lighting bolt. The bolt doesn't knock down enemies, and does 25 damage/hit, so it can deal anywhere between 50 damage to lesser enemies to 125 damage to a boss. The shorter range of the special attack is compensated by the longer range of the sword (currently it's the weapon with the farthest reach in the game), decent damage and ability to shoot lightning through obstacles.

Get an Infinite rage potion and have some fun.

. Feedback & Share Bigosaur, 2016-12-27

MMiaW: New items

There will be some new items in the next update:

There's a reusable map, bottomless bag of bombs, and a magic chest that turns mana into gold.

Beside those, there will be a bunch of pendants granting you immunity to fire, ice, poison and petrifying. The Run Like the Wind potion is removed from the pool because it was OP - a new amulet is introduced instead which gives you a permanent speed upgrade.

The Overdose potion is going to be replaced with a Beer item, so that drinking unknown potions isn't so punishing.

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MMiaW: Chapter 3 coming soon

The goblins are storming into the castle. While the guards are fighting back, you are trying to get to the dungeon. You need to go through the keep while the goblins and guards are both attacking each other and you as well. This gives you some interesting tactical options. Do you just evade them and let them battle it out before attacking the winner, or you try to help the weaker side to even out the balance of power.

The next update will feature a new area with different graphics, background music and environment (traps, destructable items). And a couple of new enemies and a new boss.

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