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MMiaW: Bushido

If you attack a shop keeper, you can snatch any item for free. However, he has a bodyguard:

There are various ways you can defeat him though, but it's often very risky:

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MMiaW: Goblin Bomber

Here's the first purely ranged enemy. He still gives you enough time to escape the bombs:

He sometimes hits other goblins, so you can use that to your advantage:

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MMiaW: Meteor shower

The goblin shaman's main weapon is the Meteor Staff. I'm testing how the meteors work:

Looks like I forgot to limit the meteor count ;)

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MMiaW: Goblin Shaman dance

Here's the first magic caster enemy. It's a goblin shaman. He does a magic ritual dance before attacking you from the distance:

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MMiaW: Updating character selection screen

The character selection screen has some basic stats like Archery, Melee and Magic proficiency:

Those numbers are percentages. For example, if a Sword does 12 damage, a hero with 100 Melee will deal 12 damage when he hits, while a Hero with 50 Melee will only deal 6 damage. Those skill numbers can increase and decrease during game with various potions and artifacts.

The character on this screenshot has both Magic and Melee at 100 for testing purposes, but there won't be any such character in the game... Actually, one class (Paladin) will be close, but it will have something like 100/70/30 for Melee/Magic/Archery.

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MMiaW: Spiked balls

Here's another environmental hazard:

I call them SpikeBalls. Does anyone know the real name?

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MMiaW: Death animation

Is this cute, silly, or ?

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MMiaW: Rings

You might discover rings that give you special powers of the second sight. For example, the blue one allows you to see inside locked chests.

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MMiaW: Treasure

On every level there will be some areas that are behind locked doors or simply blocked paths. If you manage to find keys or blast your way through (or teleport across, or ...) you can get inside and loot all the chests. Well, maybe not all. Some chests are locked and you need a key to open those.

This beautiful gold chest is a drawing by George Alexopoulos who will be contributing some more art to the game in the future.

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