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Seeders (was The Final Jump)

I finally got the whole game story in place. A group of skaters learns that their playground is going to be demolished and turned into a mall. They consider all their options and the only possible way would be to steal the permits and other documents from the construction company (not, really, but in their teenage minds that should do it). One of them decides to steal them, but goes missing. You are his friend, determined to find him.

But, that's not all. The real story actually starts 10000 years ago when an alien Von Neumann colonization ship lands on Earth. It's task is to seed the Earth with plants that would convert the atmosphere and also to eliminate any intelligent life that could oppose colonization. However, something goes wrong and hibernated aliens aboard the ship never wake up.

Until a construction company starts digging around, accidentally turns on the ship's systems and aliens take it over. The aliens learn about humans and decide they need to build a robot army to exterminate us. The Mall location is the perfect facade to build an underground factory without raising any alarms.

I'm currently preparing a demo of the game, which will include most of the first chapter. It won't feature any aliens, only the puzzles that lead to the construction company headquarters. So, don't worry about spoilers, the real story starts unveiling after the demo.

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