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Progress report: writing AI, setting up Eclipse and libGDX on Ubuntu

Well, it turns out creating AI wasn't simple at all, but I finally finished it. In the meantime, Voyna created a great music piece to play in the background during the battle. I also had to switch to latest libGDX because I couldn't get the AdMob to work on the old one. Of course, that would be too simple. The new libGDX wouldn't work on my old Slackware, so I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and set up everything there. There was a problem with my old Intel i915 graphic card which supports OpenGL 2.0, but Eclipse/libGDX failed to recognize that. I fixed that by setting an env. variable:


I also got some weird problems like Eclipse crashing whenever I used autocomplete. I fixed that by adding this to eclipse.ini:


The tooltips were also completely invisible (black text on black background). Apparently Eclipse only honors the system background color. I fixed that with gnome-color-chooser. At first I changed the color to a bright one, but then tooltips became unreadable in Firefox (while text on white background). Go figure. One would expect that there are some Ubuntu developers who use both Eclipse and Firefox. In the end I used a shade of gray to get some contrast against both white and black text.

I need to do a lot of testing now. First beta should be out tomorrow.

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