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I got a lot done in the past two days. The main battle mechanics work. You can place and move units, and attack. There is still no attack animation. As you can see on the screenshot, some units are turned upside-down. This is because it's a two player game. The idea is that you put the phone/tablet down and sit across each other and play.

Flying units like dragons can reach any field, while others have to move one step at the time. Each turn, a player can move and attack, or attack only. Once you attack, it's the other player's turn.

I'm currently drawing some attack icons. When you select your unit in the field, those circles would rotate over the adjacent enemies and you can pick which one to attack.

Depending on the attacker, a different circle would be used. Olympus units would get a blue round one. Humans get the yellow square (at least I tried to make it resemble a cross). Underworld units have the hexagram. I drew all these in Inkscape.

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