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Marketing your Android game - start early

Three weeks ago I released Drone Invaders. After the initial hype, the number of daily downloads has slowely but surely went down, and now sits stable at around 40 per day. But I want to talk about this initial hype in hope other beginner game developers might find it useful.

As I wrote before, I posted about my game to multiple sites. I posted daily updates to LudumDare, and important milestones to Java-gaming. I posted twice to HackerNews, and Reddit. I posted once or twice to other sites listed in the linked blog post above. In this case numbers speak more than words, so here are the top sources of traffic to my blog posts about Drone Invaders:

Top traffic sources for Android game blog

Conclusion: do not wait to market your game. The main site I missed is TIGSource. It's a high-traffic site with a lot of posts every day. If you just post when your game is completed, not many people would see your post. I wish I posted my progress daily, or at least as often as on Java-gaming. It would build more interest as the game was built, and surely would result in more installs after the release. If you know some more sites like those listed, where developers can post about the game development progress, please send me a tweet about it.

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