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Day 22: Sound effects

Although I have a wast library of wav sfx files I accumulated over the years, I've seen other game devs use Bfxr to create their own effects, so I decided to give it a try.

This is nice, because you own the effect 100% and you don't need to prove where did you get the audio file. Some of the sites I used to download my sfx in the past are no longer online, and tracking people who made those is impossible. For example, my favorite mod music is Aspirating Milk which I found on modarchive. I tried to contact the author via e-mail in the tracker file, but got no reply. It was probably his address at university or something.

Bfxr requires Windows or Mac, while I prefer doing my development on Linux. I thought about running it on Wine, but didn't even bother to try because I found this:

It's a super easy to use and simple Flash app you can run in your browser. I highly recommend it.

These sfx programs produce various simple sound effects. Some complex sound effect can be created by mixing a couple of simple effects in a program like Audacity. I used it to create sfx for Atomic Bomb powerup:

Mixing sound effects from as3sfxr in Audacity

BTW, I basically completed the game, I'm now testing on various Android devices. I'll probably do the release on Google Play store tomorrow.

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