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Paladin / Alchemist / RPG / Arena update

A free DLC-sized update is coming out on March 21st. At first I wanted this to be a separate DLC, but I decided that splitting the player community is a bad idea and earning just a little bit more money isn't worth it. I want everyone to enjoy the same game.

New features:

  • new RPG game mode where you keep all gear and restart the current level when you die
  • new Endless Arena mode where you fight waves of enemies
  • new hero: Paladin, who has divine shield and does double damage to undead
  • new hero: Alchemist, who has a Golem companion, and prepares potions
  • 8 pets with new effects: Crocodile, Mouse, Bee, Monkey, Whale, Cow, Ladybug, Cat
  • 3 new random potion effects: Cold blood, Veteran Elixir, Astral Projection
  • 6 new special effect items: Ghost orb, Critic’s Shield, Paladin Shield, Alchemist’s Visor, Halo, Ancient Voodoo Doll
  • 10 new weapons: General Sword, Crippling Katana, Executioner’s Sword, Dark Slayer, Splitting Axe, Paladin Sword, Alchemist Sword, King Cobra Staff, Snow Tiger’s Paw, Steady Shot Bow
  • 6 new achievements
  • 2 new allied troop summons: Baby Yeti, Stone Golem
  • added a new blocked challenge room in the forest
  • added a new challenge room with baby dragons
  • added a new challenge room in the ice level (it’s a surprise)
  • added a quest room in the ice level to unlock the Alchemist hero

Gameplay balancing:

  • allowed summoning mercenaries into boss fights (except the final boss)
  • removed slowdown effect from Heavy Boots
  • Retort no longer creates mana potions
  • only one Retort shows for sale in shops
  • removed poison immunity for the final boss
  • significantly increased Poison Cloud spell damage
  • Poison Cloud effect scales with enemy size
  • improved AI for Snail, Ram and Snake pets
  • using teleport staff twice returns you to the starting point
  • fixed runestone drops in various barbarian challenges


  • Ethereal bow now shoots through barrels and boxes
  • Dog pet doesn’t take mercenary’s beer in the tavern
  • Foundry doesn’t melt mercenary’s beer anymore
  • Thief and Ringleader don’t jump on allies when confused
  • fixed bug with item drops when Yeti Elder and Earth Golem roll
  • fixed drawing position when Barbarian is mounted
  • fixed rare sound effect bug with Yeti babies
  • fixed position for some of the teleportation animations
  • fixed text showing last level seed instead of control hint after player dies
  • fixed occasional crash on MacOSX
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