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Replaying hero unlock quests

Some of the players asked me how to replay quests that unlock heroes. You can do this by clearing the achievements that unlock them. To clear the achievements, you need to enter the DM mode. DM means Developer Mode or Dungeon Master, whichever you prefer.

  • Start the game and press T to open the chat box.
  • Type /dm1 and press Enter.
  • Type /ca ACHIEVEMENT_NAMEsee below to clear the achievement. For example /ca EYE locks the skeleton hero.
  • Type /dm0 to exit DM mode.
  • Close the game completely and start it again.

Here's the ACHIEVEMENT_NAME for every hero:

  • Sorceress: /ca PROLOGUE
  • Druid: /ca DUCK
  • Archer: /ca ARCHER
  • Pyromancer: /ca FIREMAGE
  • Skeleton: /ca EYE
  • Rogue: /ca ROGUE

Barbarian challenges achievements are named BARBARIAN1 through BARBARIAN12.

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