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Steam release!

The first complete version of Son of a Witch is now released on Steam. After almost 3 years of development the game is finally complete. We have gone a long way since being featured by IndieCade and greenlit by the Steam community. With almost weekly updates it has been an exhausting but also a very enjoyable experience.

This is the first release that covers everything I planned to make initially, and much more on top of that. But, this is not the end. There are many more things to come. During the development both the players and myself got a lot of new ideas, so you can expect to see some big updates in the future: more weapons and items with new effects, more mounts, more pets, more special rooms and NPC quests, and more magic.

The next step is porting the game to Nintendo Switch. I plan to do that over the Summer and have the game ready for late August or early September.

After that, I plan to have one big update with new content, most probably for the holidays by the end of the year.

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