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MMiaW: Themed areas

There are now three special areas in the game, which randomly show up on the first level.

The first one is the Troll Bridge. There's a tight bridge in the middle of the screen and you can either pay the toll to pass, or fight the troll. The troll is pretty fast and strong. You can use the bombs to get rid of him quickly, or attack him to get him to chase you away from the bridge and then cross the bridge and use a bomb to blast the door on the other side. If you have a really powerful weapon, rage attack ready or meteor staff with a voodoo doll, you should try to defeat him as he drops a lot of gold.

The second area is the Garden. The farmer has a pest problem. The critters are coming out of the bushes and eating the flowers. If you manage to stomp on them, you can get weapon upgrades because each one drops a runestone. They are fast and never attack you. Because of this, they aren't considered the enemies, so you cannot use magic to freeze them or do something similar.

The third area is the hunting ground. Well, not really hunting, but more like taming the beasts. Depending on the number of players playing there's one or more wild boars walking around. You have to chase them down, or hurt them from the distance to tame them. Once tamed, you can mount and ride them which gives you +2 speed.

While you are riding, all the damage taken is split between you and the animal. The boars eat all the food, which heals them. If you get the Hunger curse, you can remove it with the Dragonfire Potion, drink a Beer, eat a Mushroom, or find a way to get off the boar. For example, if a Goblin Shaman drops a meteor on your or someone stomps a Voodoo Doll you're marked with.

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