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MMiaW: Chapter 3 is live

This update brings the castle level, with new graphics and music theme. The goblins and guards are fighting each other while you are trying to reach the dungeon.


- a new boss
- Big Orc enemy
- the Royal Sorcerer enemy
- 4 new pets with new effects
- 3 new weapons
- 15 new items
- lightning based damage
- fire and lightning damage can be upgraded with the new items
- duration of freezing for ice based weapons can be upgraded
- pendants for ice, poison, fire, petrify immunity
- overdose random potion replaced with beer
- orbs can now be upgraded to bounce off the walls
- various reusable items: Magic Map, Magic Chest, Bottomless Bag of Bombs, etc.
- balancing of different weapons, spells, potions, prices
- fixes to enemy AI
- cut scene between chapter 2 and 3 can be interrupted
- other minor tweaks and improvements

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