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Day 11: More alien types and attack formations. First boss level

The first boss is on level 10. It's big and cube-shaped. I'm calling it Borg, although it does not assimilate you ;) It emits regular aliens. You have to hit the boss multiple times to destroy it. I set energy to 20 for the first one, it's challenging but not really hard. I added a big shake when boss is destroyed. Boss is made out of 10x10 pixel blocks, so explosion looks nice.

Borg boss in Drone Invaders game

I also added a new snake like formation, aliens move down, then left/right and then down again, repeating it until they reach bottom. I made them a little bit faster in this formation, so it's challenging.

I have also drawn some nice aliens, and named all of them, as each type is represented by a Java class and I needed nice class names. Here they are: Hairy, Glider, Worker and Eater.

Here's a .jar file I made today, you can run in on Windows or Linux or Mac, as long as you have Java installed. On Linux I use: java -jar stardust.jar

Please note that you need to allow game's window to be at least 800px high, for it to work properly. I'm running it on my 1680x1050 desktop and it works fine, but on 1280x800 laptop the taskbar uses some space, so window size is reduced vertically and I need to click underneath the alien to shoot it. I guess I'll need to fix this if I even decide to release the PC version.

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