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10 July, 2013



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iOS - $0.99
Android - free


Gods of Sparta is a Battle Card Game that focuses on player's skill instead of luck. There are no booster packs or trading, the focus is on strategy, tactics and battles.


I always wanted to create a strategy game focusing on battles instead of building the army. Looking at other card games that came out recently, I noticed that they mostly copy the game mechanics from Magic the Gathering, without trying to bring anything new. A single line of battle with blocking, random card draws, supporting cards (lands), it all looks the same, just with different unit names and graphics. I wanted to create something completely different. The main goal was that there are no dumb cards, and each card should have its purpose. This means less cards in the deck, since you don't have dummy filler cards.


  • Three races of units with unique abilities
  • Flying, melee and ranged units
  • Four rows on the battlefield, allows ranged units to shoot at distance
  • Focus on battles instead of hoarding cards
  • No randomness - skill determines the winner
  • Great background music
  • Playable in the browser, no need to install anything
  • Free


Multiplayer duel YouTube

Single player campaign YouTube

Selected Quotes

  • "Fun distraction for anyone who likes short-term strategic gameplay"
    - Victor Grunn, Gaming Trend

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Gods of Sparta Credits

Milan Babuškov
Game design & Development, Bigosaur

Johannan, Glass84 and Seatongray from Fiverr
Artists, Freelancers

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks