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MMiaW: Special magic powers

One of the characters available at the start of the game is a mage who has a Snake Staff as the primary weapon. The Snake Staff fires basic blue magic orbs and has a special ability to imbue poison to weapons. It can imbue poison to itself as well, so you get to fire poisoned orbs.

The amount of poison damage depends on the player's magic proficiency. At 100% it's going to be 3 poison damage every 1.5 seconds (it only shows 2 in the screenshot, because I messed around with player stats and it wasn't at 100%). If a player is not very good with magic (say, a knight has only 30%), it will only do one poison damage in the same interval.

The poison does not kill, but it can completely drain the health points, and then it only takes one hit to finish off the enemy. The same goes for player characters.

It can be also used to make swords poisonous, or even some more deadly combinations: for example, if you find a fireball staff, you can make it poisonous as well, and it will shoot fireballs that set enemy on fire and poison him at the same time.

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