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Room layout for a game like the Binding of Isaac

My Mom is a Witch will feature dungeon crawling with rooms, similar to what Binding of Isaac game does. Unlike Isaac, I want graphics in MMiaW to be pixel-perfect, without stretching artifacts.

The target platform for MMiaW is PC. I looked at the Steam hardware surveys, and it seems that two resolutions dominate: 1366x768 for laptops and 1920x1080 for desktops. I plan to design the game rooms to fit perfectly into the smaller, 1366x768 resolution. Players who have even smaller screens won't be able to see the whole room at once, it will scroll. Players who have biggers screens will be able to see multiple rooms at once. This way the graphics will always be sharp.

I also contemplated making the room size different based on the player's screen resolution, but I want the game to have online multiplayer as well and for that reason the rooms have to be the same size on all computers.

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