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Day 17: Android icons. Powerups completed.

I like that Android allows (even recommends) that icons are not rounded rectangle. It can give your game some style. At first I thought about creating a special icon for the game, but I really, really like this shield with pixelated alien drone on it. And I have made this in Inkscape, so I can create any size I want (unlike some other graphics I created in Gimp). I'm presenting you the official Drone Invaders icon:

Drone Invaders Icon

Powerups galore

Here's a video showing all the collectible powerups:

There's Atomic Bomb. I'm not sure about the name, maybe Nuke or Plutonium Bomb or Smart Bomb or something completely different. It damages everything on the screen. Bosses survive one or two, but 3 bombs destroy them too. Internally, each boss has 20 energy and bomb has 8 damage. Regular shot is 1 damage, until you upgrade lasers.

Second, there's 3-Way Shooting. You still lose one round of bullets for each 3-shot. This is a very powerful powerup as you can clean up waves and bosses just like that.

Third, there's Auto-Reload. As the name says, your lasers reload automatically, so you're free to shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot.

Fourth, there's Slowdown. It only slows down aliens, everything else moves normally. It's quite useless on first 20 waves, but gets really, really useful later.

Fifth, there's Double-Score. While this powerup lasts, all the points you earn are doubled. I'm still not sure if something will be awarded for some point threshold, but it's still cool to beat the hiscore.

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