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SoaW: Yeties

A new version is up with a new boss, the Yeti Elder who is a huge beast whose jumps cause icicles to fall from the top of the mountain. He can also spawn smaller Young Yeti minions who also show up in various parts of the ice level.

- Yeti Elder boss
- Young Yeti enemy
- Achievement you can win when you defeat the Crazy Santa boss
- Fixed the pause overlay size for non-English languages
- Improved the death animation for the Crazy Santa boss
- Fixed the Reindeer pet name
- Fixed the Snailbite arrow name
- Added new graphics for the synergy of Dark Orb and Freezing Orb
- Fixed the gamble scroll - now it can be used multiple times in the same room and enemies would always change
- Added all the enemies into the Gamble scroll pool
- Fixed Fog and Toxic Cloud drawing for screens bigger than 1920x1080

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