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Day 14: Completed all basic alien graphics

All 7 basic alien types are complete, I just finished Catcher, while Humaniod and Scorpio was done yesterday evening. I also created some basic graphics for the shop, where you can buy upgrades.

Alien types in Drone Invaders

I got some new ideas for boss aliens. One of them is a snake-like alien, and you body is composed of multiple parts, which you need to destroy separately.

The second one is alien boss creating alien bosses. Basically, if you don't destroy it on time, it will create another boss. This second boss spits regular aliens and moves downwards (to free the space for the next one).

Third boss is a special creature, able to multiply by division. When you shoot it, you get two identical aliens, each having half energy of the parent one. This division happens until you split them into 1-energy ones and shoot those.

Fourth boss is... well, let's leave some surprizes for when you play the game. I'm sure fourth boss will be very annoying to some players, until they figure out how it's behaving.

Snake boss

Allocate time for music

I spent rest of the day browsing for some free music. There are many sites, but listening to hundreds of tracks is really not fun. Most of the free stuff out there is junk. I found links to various sites recommended on /r/gamedev on Reddit and also in site and some indie sites. Except for Jamendo which is expensive, most of the free stuff is really bad.

I usually compose my own music, using MilkyTracker or some other tracker program. I got this habit from Amiga 500 and I feel at home when making .it or .s3m modules. But this time I decided I do not have time for that. It usually takes me about 3-4 weeks to create a decent track. I though about re-using some of my old tracks, but I already have used all of them in previous games - and none would really fit to be honest. I did find some good tunes by Kevin MacLeod, so I'm going to use those.

It looks like it really comes down to your own estimation. Whether you spend hours listening to different free tunes or you focus and make your own.

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