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MMiaW: Greenlit

My Mom is a Witch has passed the Steam Greenlight process. Expect to find the game in Early Access soon.

Why Early Access? Well, the game is far from my full vision. We have all the character graphics, but we still need a lot of backgrounds, props and animations. I want to get the game into player hands, so we can get some cool ideas on mechanics for future monsters and items. There are about 50 different items and weapons in the game currently, but I want the final release to have over 100. I already have a lot of ideas in my notepad, and I want to refine that with player feedback.

The plan is to go into Early Access by the end of the year. I will release updates with new features every two months until we reach version 1.0 which will contain: 7 playable heroes, 44 enemies, 20 bosses, 100 items/weapons and 7 different areas.

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