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MMiaW: Spitfire and damage types

I'm adding some screens without enemies, but with traps instead. It creates an interesting variety. Instead of just plowing through the piles of enemies, sometimes you have to stop and carefully thread across the screen. Of course, some screens will combine enemies with hazards, which you can use to your benefit.

These spitters shoot fireballs. Fire is one of the most dangerous types of damage. Here's a breakdown of the types of damage the game has so far:

Turns into stone within 10 seconds. Counter with Life Staff or Dragon Fire Potion.

Burning drains health really fast. Regular fireballs, walking onto a campfire or getting hit by a spitter drains 50-60 health in a couple of seconds.

Doesn't do any damage, but prevents movement/attacking for a couple of seconds.

Slowly drains health. Can only be stopped with Dragon Fire Potion or Antidote.

Very slowly drains health. Can be stopped by eating any type of food, including gold coins if you have the Gold Diet buff.

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