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MMiaW: Voodoo Magic

If you snatch a voodoo doll from the Goblin Shaman, you can use it yourself once per area. You first bind it to a target and then drop it. Any damage dealt to the doll is channeled to the target. For example, if you stomp the doll, the target takes damage and falls on the ground. If you hit it with a sword, the target gets stunned and takes damage. If you hit it with a poisoned sword, the target gets poisoned. If you toss the doll into a fire, the target starts to burn:

It took me some time to make this work properly for all the effects, but it's a really cool mechanics now. If you get bound to the doll, wait for Shaman to throw it down and then quickly pick it up and activate it to remove the binding from yourself and bind it to some enemy.

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