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Oct 10, 2016



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My Mom is a Witch is an action adventure game for PC in a fantasy setting. 1-4 players can select one of 7 different character classes and play a challenging and fun beat 'em up game with cartoonish graphics. To make it more interesting and replayable, the game features roguelike elements like permadeath, random enemy encounters, random maze generation and many different items and weapons.


My Mom is a Witch was inspired by a great multiplayer brawler Castle Crashers. After completing the game a couple of times with friends and family, it got boring because the game is linear. In the same period I played some great roguelike games like Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac. My Mom is a Witch brings the roguelike elements into cute and dynamic beat 'em up action, making the game interesting and fresh on each playthrough.


  • 7 different character classes focusing on Magic, Melee or Ranged combat.
  • 100+ weapons and items with various synergies lead to emergent gameplay.
  • Procedurally generated levels, enemies and loot present a different set of challenges on each new playthrough.
  • 40+ different enemies with varied strategies.
  • 20 pet animals with special effects and buffs.
  • About 20 different bosses.
  • 7 levels with distinct themes.
  • Full keyboard and controller support.
  • Local co-op, LAN co-op and online co-op up to 4 players.


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Dragon Boss Fight YouTube

Selected Quotes

  • "It’s a fun game with plenty of personality, fast paced combat and bucket loads of replayability."
    - KJ Robertson, AlphaBetaGamer.com
  • "I think that people who love Realm of the Mad God, Castle Crashers or Broforce would really enjoy it."
    - Eddie Zews, Zewsfux YouTube channel
  • "It’s a joy to play and after every death we were eager to jump straight back in."
    - Kim Snaith, co-editor in chief, Game Spew
  • "Imagine if you took The Binding of Isaac, smashed it together with Castle Crashers and stirred in just a little bit of Torchlight"
    - Salis - Tepid Tea Gaming, YouTube channel

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My Mom is a Witch Credits

Milan Babuskov
Game Design, Programming, Character Animation

Daniel Ferencak, George Alexopoulous, Vitaly Kuznetzov, Dewi Shinta Aarup, DevikX

DarkPulse Motion Design, Ask4asset.com
Additional Graphics

Logan Nickleson, Juhani Junkala, Avaren

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks