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SoaW: New bosses

Meet Ugh and Ogh, the cyclops. These brothers are a new boss in the forest. Cyclops is the weakest of all bosses, so there are two of them to make the fight fun.

Since the catacombs update I focused on adding new content to existing levels and bugfixing any problems. I also added 10 new achievements to make the game interesting for players who completed all the levels.

Another new boss is the Ringleader. He sometimes shows up in the dungeon instead of the Simerian Butcher. The Ringleader can jump on you similar to the way the thief does - except that he is faster and has greater reach. If he finds any bombs on you, he would use them immediately. He also steals and throws your other items around.

I also added a new themed area in the forest - a long jump competition. You get some items as rewards for jumping certain distances. To jump even further, you can find some speed buffs like The Rabbit Amulet, Blur Potion, etc. There's also a Steam achievement if you manage to jump really far.

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SoaW: Catacombs update

A new version is available with a lot of new content:

  • The 5th level, Catacombs, with 5 new enemy types
  • New hero: Undead Skeleton Ranger
  • Unlocking the new hero is done via a special quest in the old part of the catacombs which is a really dangerous place
  • 2 new bosses
  • 3 new special areas in the forest
  • 1 new mount (zombie pig)
  • 1 new pet (finds hidden runestones)
  • Blue color skin for the sorceress character and achievement to unlock it
  • Elemental altars where you can get some powerful items and weapons
  • A dozen new weapons and items
  • Improved game engine performance
  • Darkness now increases your stats
  • Item and weapon drops are now slightly affected by starting heroes (ex. you are more likely to get magic items when playing with mage)
  • Avarice doubles coins
  • Fixed Amanda's AI on the final screen so she doesn't get stuck
  • Fixed problem with chat not being available on the character selection screen
  • Co-op death countdown now starts from 60 during boss fights
  • Increased lightning damage for the sword
  • Bow descriptions update after damage upgrade
  • Balanced runestone drops from rocks
  • Rebalanced poison to make the Druid hero more viable
  • Added more stats to pause screen
  • Status effect icons show up in two rows in co-op
  • Fixed many bugs
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SoaW: Beta testing access

I want players to have a stable, well tested version to play so they don't run into any bugs. On the other hand, I understand that some players want to play the most recent version with the newest features. Because of this, I decided to make the beta testing versions public.

Beta versions are the testing ground for new releases. They could have bugs or crash. Benefits of running them are that you get all the newest content and you can help me find the bugs sooner and thus make the game better for everyone.

To switch to beta version, right-click the game name in your Steam library and select Properties option from the menu:

Then click the BETAS tab at the top of the Properties window. Select the "testing - Unstable" option from the dropdown menu:

Enter the password: minimum89012

Steam would then download the files that are different and let you run the beta. If you plan to play online multiplayer - both players have to have the beta version (there will be some periods in-between releases where beta version could co-op with stable version, but this is not guaranteed).

If you decide to go back from beta to stable just open the Properties again and select "opt out" from the dropdown menu in the BETAS tab.

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MMiaW: Make your own undead army

I'm working on the Catacombs level. There will be necromancers that raise skeletons. Once you defeat them, you can take their staff and animate your own army of undead:

Beside skeleton warriors I plan to add archers and mages as well. There will also be a new music theme, traps and a bunch of new items, weapons and mechanics.

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MMiaW: The Dungeon is here

The 4th level is ready. You descend into the dungeon where all the prisoners have been set free from their cells. Three new enemy types await you: a thief, a bandit and an assassin.

The thief tries to jump on your back. If he succeeds, he starts stealing away all the items from your inventory. If he finds a bomb, he will immediately use it. You can knock him off if you use a rage attack, or find some way to hit him - including meteors, bouncing orbs or via a voodoo doll. Also, if anything knocks you down, he will fall off as well. The thieves use a curved dagger, which is a new weapon with a throwing attack and backstab damage bonus that you can also use yourself.

The bandit is quick and uses a Morning Star that does a lot of damage. You also use this weapon if they drop it. The bandits will try to surround you from two sides, so watch them carefully.

Assassins have a short poisonous sword and a shield. They move and attack similar to the castle Guard Captains, but poison attack makes them really dangerous.

To counter all the shielded enemies, there's a new weapon in the game: The Excalibur. You can sometimes find this legendary sword in a forest, stuck in a rock. Once you retrieve it, you can cut through enemy shields as if they weren't holding any.

The dungeon features a new level style, with a couple of new trap types, a new treasure chest type and new music theme as well.

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MMiaW: A new trailer

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MMiaW: The Dungeon

After a short break which included showing the game at Game Access '17 in Brno, I'm back to development. I'm working on the Dungeon level. For the first version it will have 3 new enemies and a new boss. Of course, a new background theme and new objects and traps as well.

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MMiaW: The Crystal Wizard

The Crystal Wizard is a new 3rd level boss. He starts showing up randomly in the castle after you have defeated the Executioner. He's similar to regular small enemies (i.e. you can stun him, freeze him, etc.) but he has a magic staff which he can use to shoot at you, the same way the playable magic characters shoot. He has +2 orbs and a mana canteen with practically unlimited mana, which allows him to use the staff's special ability at will.

His weapon is a Teleport Staff, which can be used to teleport to the opposite side of the screen. You can pick it up and use it yourself. Teleporting to the opposite side costs 2 mana, and you can also press the regular attack button to return to the position from which you teleported. This other action is free, but can only be done once. After that you would need to spend mana to teleport again. Some levels have hard to reach locations like walled off areas or parts across the chasm. These levels have a special preset teleport location, which is revealed if one of the players picks up the teleport staff at any point of the game. You can use the teleport staff to reach those places and return. That also includes the areas behind the shops in the forest, so now you can go there and break the barrel without needing two pets (bear+dog) to get the items. The teleport return point remains active even if you leave the room, but you have to be inside the room to teleport back to it.

The teleport staff can also be found in gold chests, shops and pedestals in the locked treasure rooms or blocked challenge rooms.

Beside the new boss and the new staff, there are other changes. I added a couple different texts for the signs in the forest shops. I fixed the bug when the guards wouldn't attack you if you petrified the king and sometimes the level generator would create a shop adjacent to the king's room, allowing you to skip the boss fight in the castle.

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MMiaW: The VioleNt Knights

Viole(n)t Knight is a new boss for the 3rd level (Castle). They come in tandems and start showing up after you defeat the Executioner. The knights are small in size and have a moderate amount of HP, but are really quick. They have a regular strike attack and a dashing attack similar to the playable Knight character. One of the knights always drops his sword, which players can pick up and use. The sword has the greatest reach of all the swords in the game and does 10 base damage (+12 for strong attack). The sword's special ability is giving full rage to the player after every kill.

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